Drag Shopping, Like You,
is Really Easy

Shopping for drag outfits is the biggest hurdle for many drag virgins. Don't let it be. Take a friend with you and hit the town. Friends make drag shopping fun and provide much needed balance when you're cramming your hairy pig-toes into those size 10 pumps.

Useful tip: If a sales person offers to help you, let her. Memorize this phrase: I need a [dress/pair of high heel shoes]. They're for me. I'm going to a party.

See how easy that was?


Where to Buy a Dress in the City

  • Burlington Coat Factory on 14th Street in Union Square. Also on 6th Ave. and 23rd St.
  • Krazy Fashion 104 W14th. On 14th Street & 6th Ave. Nice selection of big girl sizes. Very helpful staff. Go ahead and ask for help. You won't be the first boy they've dressed for our party. Here's a sneak peek at their selection.


Where to Buy Shoes in the City

  • Payless Shoe Source. You could pay more, but why?
  • 14th Street between 5th and 8th avenues. In between all the cheap dress shops are some cheap shoe stores.
  • DSW 14th Street in Union Square, 34th Street, 79th Street, & Battery Park


Where to Buy Wigs & Accessories in the City

  • Ricky's. Looking good! Feeling Good! All over the city.
  • Wigs & Plus at 37 W 14th Street. Our favorite wig store!
  • Beauty 35. 505 8th Ave. at 35th St.


Where to Buy Jewlery in the City

  • Jewelry Plaza 1204 Bway 29/30
  • Fashion Gallery 1014 6th Ave 37/38


Where to Shop Online

Online stores offer amazing selections of larger sizes you can't easily find in the city. If you buy your clothes online be sure to leave yourself enough time to return them and get a second outfit in case your first outfit doesn't fit.

Some online stores manufacture their products overseas another good reason to leave yourself plenty of time for shipping!

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