Pucker Up

When trying to pull off a drag outfit, the most important factor is Max Factor. Donít skimp on makeup: Less is not more. Less is less, and you, my dear, are no natural beauty. Youíre a beast of a man with stubby sausage fingers and a beard that's grown two millimeters since you started reading this paragraph. For Godís sake, cover it up with a little foundation.

Need some help? Check out these links to videos and instructional guides.


General Makeup Guides

Drag Queen Makeup Tutorial (This longer video is full of great tips.)
Step-by-step Makeup Guide for Beginners
Chat Live with a Bobbi Brown Makeup Artist (Then paste the conversation into an email and send it to us!)


Eye Makeup How-To Videos

Smokey Eyes
Arabic Eyes
Masking Your Eyebrows

Three Olives Vodka