The very first drag dinner is held at 480 Tarpon Walk.

A second drag dinner is held. A small number of close friends arrive in drag for post-dinner cocktails.

The party moves to 197 Midway. Approximately
70 people are in attendence.

First Party Theme: Can You Learn to be Chic?
The party moves to 455 Ocean Walk.

Damsels in Distress
Film noir, pulp fiction,
and a lot of badly-concealed 5 o'clock shadows.

Moulin Rouge
The party moves to 495 Tarpon Walk, where it remains for 4 years. A giant red windmill adorning the roof gives the first hint of the decor that will one day become a hallmark of the party. The crowd breaks the 100-guest mark.

Always a Bridesmaid
Rain doesn't stop dozens of soaking wet drag queens from sloshing their high heels down Tarpon Walk.

Once Upon a Time —
Evil Queens and Fairy Princesses

We were Malificent before being Malificent was cool.

Women of Mass Destruction
A 20-foot stiletto, sadly, must be lowered from the roof before the party starts due to high winds.

Housewives, Desperate & Otherwise
Soccer Moms and DAR members turn Tarpon Walk into Wisteria Lane.

Our deck overflows with sultry singers and legendary ladies In anticipation of the forthcoming Dreamgirls movie.

Working Girls
The party moves to its current location — 102 Scaup Walk —
and from Sunday to Saturday. The new location welcomes a staggering 250 drag queens.

Gambling gals push the party back one day, betting on gray skies that end up clearing by afternoon. (Drama!)
Crowd size: 380

Barbie turns 50 and a 10-foot dollbox becomes our most popular photo-op to date.

480 drag queens turn out to celebrate 15 years of makeup and music for our latina-themed coming-of-age celebration.

A celebration of Slumdong in Saris,
with some pretty special guest stars.

The Black and White Ball
Mannequins perched above the party in take-no-prisoners black and white couture become our most talked-about roof decorations ever.

The 80s called. They want their shoulder pads back but we kept them and threw a party.

It's a Madge Madge Madge Madge World
We set a Guinness World Record for the Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Madonna. And, we raise over $13,000 for the fire department.

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A Fire Island Tradition

Although the party has grown to gala proportions, it started out as a small dinner for eight when a few Fire Island housemates decided to give the phrase dress for dinner new meaning. The following year saw another dinner, this time followed by a cocktail party with some well-dressed friends who wanted to join in the fun.

The rest is history. Want to know more? Check out these frequently asked questions below.

How can I meet boys if I'm dressed as a girl?

  • Our party is the friendliest you will go to this summer. Nothing breaks the ice like an outrageous costume. This is your chance to finally talk to that boy you've been watching since June.

But I want to look hot!

  • No man's tanktop will flatter your arms like a strapless dress, and no shorts will show off your legs like a mini skirt. You won't believe how great you look.

Do you mean I have to be in full drag?

I'm a real girl. How should I dress?

  • We love real girls and we love that more of you come every year. We don't care whether you dress as a man or as a woman. We do care that you really go all out. If you dress as a boy you shouldn't look like you merely borrowed a pair of board shorts from your best gay bud. Not into makeup? Experiment with facial hair. Dressed as a girl? You should be just as made up as all the boys who turn out in wigs and full makeup. Think of this as a costume party and have fun!


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