It's a Madge Madge Madge Madge World.


Give yourselves a hand, ladies, because we did it!

The Fool's Paradise Drag Party
officially holds the Guinness World Record for

The Largest Gathering of People
Dressed as Madonna

We want to thank our sponsors, D. Katen Fire Island Properties, Vinnie Pepe Construction, Sip N Twirl, and Three Olives Vodka!

We also want to tip our blonde ponytails to all of you, who turn out amazing, jaw-dropping outfits year after year. You are brilliant and creative and we promised ourselves we weren't going to cry so we should just wrap this up.

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Post them to Shutterfly and then send us the link!

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Our email address is at the bottom of this page.

Once we have collected the pics we will add them to our
Shutterfly gallery
and years from now we will flip through them and dab at our cheeks and hum This Used to Be My Playground and oh no here come the waterworks already so we really do have to go.

Peace out you beautiful, unapologetic bitches!



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D. Katen Fire Island Properties Sip N Twirl Three Olives Vodka