Set your phasers to stunning and Sally Ride on over!

Welcome to the Internet home of the legendary Fool's Paradise Drag Party. If you're a drag virgin who will be on Fire Island Labor Day weekend then this site is the perfect lubricant to make your first experience fun and painless. Read about the party, flip through pictures or learn helpful makeup and shopping tips.

Need some theme inspiration? We're here to help! Just remember that dressing in theme is optional. Dressing up is not!

Don't be shy. Your friends are probably coming to the party anyway. You should join them!

You'll be there? Oh Good!

Consider making a small contribution the help us offset costs. Admission to the party has always been free. Help us keep it that way!


We're very social, darlings! We're on the Faceplace and the Twitter and of course, InstaWhachacallit.

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